Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Spiritual House Cleaning

With Christmas finally over it is time for us to look both forward and backward. Take the time to look back over the past year and all that has occurred in your life. Then let us look forward toward the year to come, this is the time to plan and hope for what we hope the new year will bring.
January is the 1st month of the Gregorian calendar, named for the Roman god Janus. Janus is the God of doorways and is often depicted with two faces, one to look forward and the other to look back which signifies the end of one year and the start of a new one. January's full moon is called the Wolf Moon and it's astrological sign is Capricorn. A popular custom is to open the front and back door of the home to welcome in the new year and to let out the old year.
This is also the time to cleanse the home of negative energy to make way for a new and prosperous year. Now that things are slowing down and the traffic in and out of your house will be back to normal it is the perfect time to perform this spell to cleanse your home of old or unwelcome energies and boost protection for those who live there.
This can all be done with one easy task. Take a new broom and tie on the following:
Basil for cleansing, lavender for happiness, nutmeg for good luck, gardenia for peace, cedar for cleansing, and lemon slices for cleansing.
You can place your ingredients in a small bag or piece of fabric and then tie that to the broom. Hold the broom in your and tell it that it's function is to clean away all residue of the past year and to instill peace, happiness, and good luck for the new year. Sweep out the entire house starting at the front door and work in a clockwise direction around the home ending at the back door. Sweep all the old energy out, close the door firmly and seal it with a kiss. While sweeping picture your home with a peaceful and loving atmosphere. See yourself and anyone who lives in the home happy and at peace with one another. Try to hold these images till you are finished.
~Note~ The sweeping that will be performed during this spell is a spiritual sweep, not an actual sweeping of the floors. Your broom is sweeping out negative energy, so you will be sweeping right above the floor. Make sure to get under beds, in closets and corners, anyplace where negative energy can build up.
I wish you all a prosperous new year!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 12 Laws of Karma

People often mistakenly think that our lives are predetermined and there is nothing they can do about it. This is not the case. We all have free will and are masters of our own destiny.  Karma is the law of cause and effect. Sir Isaac Newton stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Therefore our actions will always cause a reaction, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Our actions will bring about results so we must choose our actions wisely. Wisely said, What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. This is a great rule to live by.
Karma" comes from the root word kri, which means "to do," signifying a deed done. In other words, its basic meaning is of action, and, by extension, the ultimate effects of such action. Thus, the concept of "cause and effect." Where this doctrine quite obviously parts company with Christian theology is with respect to past and future lives. Those religions embracing the doctrine of the transmigration of souls would declare the Law of Karma to apply not only to the effect of our actions in this present life, but to the effect of our actions in past lives upon both present and future lives. Thus, the "cause and effect" spectrum is much broader in many eastern religions than is accepted by the Christian faith, although this ancient philosophy is clearly making progress in western thinking through the New Age movement. 
The point I want to make is that you are not a victim of fate! You have the power and free will to change your life for the better!

I have included the "Twelve Laws" of the doctrine of Karma. One's hope for peace and joy are intimately tied to the understanding and personal fulfillment of these laws. I have them printed and hung where I can read them daily as a personal reminder to myself.


    "As you sow, so shall you reap". This is also known as the "Law of Cause and Effect".

    Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us.

    If what we want is Happiness, Peace, Love, Friendship...Then we should BE Happy, Peaceful, Loving and a True Friend.


    Life doesn't just HAPPEN, it requires our participation.

    We are one with the Universe, both inside and out.

    Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state.

    BE yourself, and surround yourself with what you want to have present in your Life.


    What you refuse to accept, will continue for you.

    If what we see is an enemy, or someone with a character trait that we find to be negative,

    then we ourselves are not focused on a higher level of existence.


    "Wherever you go, there you are".

    For us to GROW in Spirit, it is we who must change - and not the people, places or things around us.

    The only given we have in our lives is OURSELVES

    and that is the only factor we have control over.

    When we change who and what we are within our heart

    our life follows suit and changes too.


    Whenever there is something wrong in my life,

    there is something wrong in me.

    We mirror what surrounds us - and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.

    We must take responsibility what is in our life.


    Even if something we do seems inconsequential,

    it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected.

    Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on.

    Someone must do the initial work to get a job done.

    Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance,

    As they were both needed to accomplish the task.

    Past - Present - Future

    They are all connected...

  7. THE LAW OF FOCUS - You can not think of two things at the same time.

    When our focus is on Spiritual Values, it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.


    If you believe something to be true,

    then sometime in your life

    you will be called upon to demonstrate that particular truth.

    Here is where we put what we CLAIM that we have learned,

    into actual PRACTICE.


    Looking backward to examine what was,

    prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.

    Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams...

    Prevent us from having new ones.


    History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

  11. THE LAW OF PATIENCE AND REWARD - All Rewards require initial toil.

    Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.

    True joy follows doing what we're suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come in on it's own time.


    You get back from something whatever YOU have put into it.

    The true value of something is a direct result of

    the energy and intent that is put into it.

Brightest Blessings,
~For more information on Karma visit the following page:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spell to Break a Curse or Hex

Last year there was some negative energy directed at me from someone who calls herself a Witch. This curse was done out of jealousy and their own insecurities. I performed this spell and it worked like a charm so I have decided to share it with you.
If at anytime you feel that someone has performed any negative magick with you in mind, perform this spell to reverse it.
You will need the following items:
3 black candles
Sage incense
holy water
sea salt
Set the three candles into a triangle with the incense, water and salt in the middle.
Light your incense.
Now light the three candles starting at the top and working counter clockwise ending back at the top.
As you say the spell pick up each candle as it is mentioned and hold it up as an offering.
Remember to visualize your intent. See the curse lifting from around you and flying quickly back to where it came from. Don't  picture the energy going back to a certain person, even if you know who put the curse on you. Just picture it flying away from you in any direction you choose. Put your emotion into the spell. Feel how wrong it is for someone to do this to you.
This should be done during waning moon. As the new moon fades so does the curse.
Hold up the top black candle and say:
"Evil sent must come to rest
Reflect it back to who knows best
Energy spent for evil and bane
Go back now from whence you came."

Pick up the bottom left candle and say:
"Far away I send you now,
With this hour all your attempts have no power."
Pick up the incense and say:
" By incense smoke and candle flame,
Away from me I send all bane."

Sprinkle some sea salt into the holy water and hold it up while saying the following:
"By cleansing water and power of salt
Harm to all now must halt.
To any who would wish me pain,
May all their curses be in vain.
All that blocks me from success
With this spell I lay to rest."
Dip your fingers in the salted water and anoint your head, palms of each hand, and the bottom of each foot.
Hold up your third candle and say:
"Break this spell,
Break this curse,
With these candles and this verse.
Send it back 3 times 3,
Evil has no hold on me."

Place the candle back on your altar and say with meaning and force:
"Hex return by candles three
Disappear and set me free
Live and Learn
Black candles burn
Three times three this hex returns.
All evil is now broken
With these words that I have spoken.
This is my will
This is my plea
For now and forever, this is how it will be!"

 Allow the candles to burn down then take the left over wax and spell ingredients, wrap them up and dispose of them at least three miles from your home in any direction. Once you leave the package make sure you do not turn back, Walk away with your head held high and your shoulders back.
You should right away feel like a heavy load has been lifted from your shoulders.
It would also be wise to take further steps to keep yourself and your family safe. Use a protection powder and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home. Do a spiritual cleansing every few months on your home to dispel negative energy that may be lingering around. Another thing to do is place crystals around your home to keep the positive energy flowing. Do not forget to perform these tasks on yourself as well. Cleanse yourself spiritually with incense smoke, wear protective jewelry and amulets.
There are many steps you can take to keep yourself and your home spiritually safe. Do not allow others to have a negative effect on your life. We must take control over our own lives and ensure the safety of our selves and our loved ones.
Thank you for stopping by The Organic Brew Blog. I hope you have found this post helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so feel free to write me. I would be happy to share your thoughts and ideas with others.
Bright Blessings to all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Meditation for Anxiety

A Meditation for Anxiety
I was going through some of my older files and came across this meditation for anxiety and thought I would share it with you.
For this meditation you'll need your choice of grounding stones (smoky quartz, hematite, tiger's eye, or black tourmaline), citrine, peridot or rhodochrosite, aventurine, and hawk's eye or amethyst, and a clear quartz point to hold in your hand. If you also have a smoky quartz point this will help to balance your energy.
You may find it helpful to also burn some essential oils in a diffuser. Place your grounding crystal near the base of your spine, citrine on the navel area, rhodochrosite or peridot on the solar plexus, aventurine on the heart center, and amethyst or hawk's eye just behind your head. Place a smoky quartz in one hand and a clear quartz in the other.
Of course, keep in mind that you can do this meditation without any crystals if you do not have them available to you.
Inhale slowly and deeply. Imagine your breath beginning at your head and traveling down to your feet, then coming back up again. Feel your breath travel through your body. After you've done this for a few minutes notice whether there are any parts of your body where there is tension or a feeling of agitation.
Focus your breathing on those areas. You might want to imagine your breath as a river or waterfall wearing down sharp-edged stones. See these stones become smooth.
Now, without thinking about the situation in detail, open yourself to solutions. If it is appropriate for you, also call on angels (guardian or others), your power animals, or any other beings you ask for assistance. The answers may not come up immediately; what is important is that you're making yourself receptive to them (like clearing and plowing land and planting seeds).
You may also want to recall situations in the past which seemed desperate or hopeless, and remind yourself that you resolved them. If you are meditating with hawk's eye imagine that you are a hawk soaring over the landscape of your life.
How long you spend in this meditation depends on your tolerance for it. If you're a new meditator ten minutes might be as much as you can handle. If you can last for or gradually increase your time to thirty minutes that would be ideal.
The greatest challenge for this particular meditation is to make sure that you continue the slow, deep breathing. If anxiety returns go back to the visualization of the water wearing down the stones. (If you have any nature music which features running water this can be especially helpful.)
When you've finished meditating you may find it helpful to take out a notebook and write down all the things you can do to solve the problem. Call your friends. It isn't their problem, and they won't be anxious about it. This alone will calm you down.
I hope you find this post helpful!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gypsy Magick

No one knows where the Gypsies originated. Because they arrived in Europe from the East, they were thought by early Europeans to be from Turkey or any one of the vaguely acknowledged non- European places. They were even thought to have been from Egypt, and were called, among other things, Egyptians, or ‘Gyptians, which is how the word “Gypsy” originated.
No matter their original origins, Gypsies, or Romas, are renown for their psychic abilities and the magickal talent of attracting good fortune or causing upset to a life with a curse. All are born with such gifts, but what makes their powers so innate is their relationship with nature. Their bond with the spirits of the outdoors allow their gifts to evolve naturally.
The Gypsies are responsible for the spread of much occult knowledge over many centuries and every aspect of their lives is steeped in magick. As they traveled all over the world in their Vardo’s they were often sought out by the townsfolk of the villages they passed through for spells and divination. The Gypsies would barely have time to set up camp before the townsfolk would arrive seeking advice.
The traditional Gypsy uses herbal lore, magick and divination for everyday issues. Knowledge of herbs is essential for Gypsy style healing. Using the “sight” leads to making better choices and clearer decisions. All of these are practiced by the Shuvani or The Gypsy Witch. The Shuvani is the keeper of the tribe’s magick, rites and superstitions. Shuvani’s can bless, curse, or heal as they see fit.
Their powers like those of the old Pagan peoples are rooted in a belief in the spirits of the earth, water, air, forest and fields.
There are so many different ways to work magick, some are complicated and ritualistic. They require expensive tools and hard to find objects. Then there is Gypsy magick. This magick is made with everyday items.
The Gypsies say that the power of magick lies in four simple ingredients.
The first is desire/will. The stronger your desire for something to happen, the more power you generate towards that goal.
The 2nd thing is concentration. You must concentrate on what you are doing so that you can put the necessary will power into it.
The 3rd ingredient is patience. After completing your spell, sit back and patiently wait for your work to take effect. Some spells work quickly, some may take much longer, but you must be patient.
The final ingredient is secrecy. Gypsies don’t announce when they have performed magick. They do it quietly with in the privacy of their Vardo’s. You also should keep your magickal workings private. By talking about your spell work, you weaken it. It is the equivalent of working against your own magick.
The Gypsies four simple ingredients are quite similar to the four words of the Magus which is well known in magickal society. The four words of the Magus are to know, to will, to dare and to be silent.
You must have the proper knowledge to work your magick effectively. You need will to concentrate and channel your magick effectively. You dare to see your magick through to the end and you must be silent about your magickal workings.
These things are a must for working effective magick whether it is performing gypsy magick or ritualistic magick, these are the key ingredients.
All magickal workings that the Gypsies perform involve the use of things that are natural. Seldom, if ever do they buy something that is manufactured. This is because the Gypsies are used to making do with what they have and with what they can easily obtain. Natural objects have much purer vibrations than those that are manufactured.
At times it is necessary to search the roads, woods and fields for some time to find an item that is just right for a particular spell. The search is all part of the magickal working, for the anticipation of the search helps build the power which will then be charged with the proper intent when it is found and used.
Please remember, never rush magick. Most magick needs to be done at just the right time of day or night. You need a certain moon phase and astrological correspondence for all aspects to be in line. Granted, at times, we may not always have the time to plan the perfect spell and there are certain ways to make that spur of the moment magick as effective as possible. Those spur of the moment times should be far and few between though.
Knots have always been used magickally in spells. They can be employed in all aspects of love, whether in courtship, with the newly married, or for the love of family many years after marriage. That is why I have decided to include this Love Knot Spell by Raymond Buckland as people of all ages will find it useful. This spell should be employed when two people will be away from each other and want to make sure they are in each others thoughts while apart.
To be out of sight of the one you love is not the same as being out of his heart. He should be thinking about you night and day until he sees you again. To bring this about you need to tie his heart to yours. Take a personal item of clothing from him- a handkerchief or neck scarf, or something similar. It should be something that he has used or worn many times. It can be washed, so that it is clean, but it should be something that he’s used for a long time. The ideal item would be a piece cut from an undergarment, such as the tail of a shirt or undershirt. On this piece of cloth, mark his name and yours, enclosed in a heart.
In earlier times, the young woman would embroider the names and the heart, concentrating her thoughts on the two of them together through every stitch she made. Today, many people would use a felt-tip pen or something similar. This will do (though if you really want to put as much power as possible into the charm, do it the old way!), but you must still concentrate on the two of you while writing. The names should be done in green and the heart in red.
Roll the cloth, lengthwise, into a tight thin tube. Then tie it in a knot in the middle, and tie another knot at each end-three knots in all. As you tie the knot in the middle, say (aloud) his name and yours.
As you tie the knot at one end, repeat your name. As you tie the knot at the other end, repeat his name.
Wear the knotted piece of cloth against your skin for three days and nights. This you can do by tucking it into your underclothes, and at night, beneath your nightdress or pajamas. At the end of that time, give it to your lover, with a kiss. He must always keep it on his person and then he will never forget you. You will be in his thoughts constantly.
This spell can be done in any situation. It can be done by husband and wife, mother and son, or any other combination of loved ones where there is a desire to remain in each others thoughts while apart. Many times two such knotted cloths are prepared and given, one from the woman to the man and another from the man to the woman.
Finding a natural knot is especially powerful love magick. To find a vine that had grown into a knot, or willow twigs that have done the same, is extremely lucky. Gypsies in some areas believe that the spirits, or fairies, have tied these knots. If a man can find such a knot and place it in the bed of the woman he loves, they will become as one, so goes the old belief. It will, of course, work the other way around, with a woman placing it in the bed of a man.
I hope you have enjoyed this article on Gypsy Magick. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so feel free to write me.
Brightest Blessings,
The Organic Witch

Grab your brooms my fellow Witches

Last night I grabbed one of my old Magical Almanacs to read. I love my Magical Almanacs and I have them going back to 1999. They are filled with information on various areas of the craft and I never lack for reading material.
The article that I opened up to was one about brooms and how we Witches often overlook how effective they are in magic. I am also guilty of this and tend to save my broom for magical house cleanings and for clearing my sacred space. Shame on me however, I should know better. A broom is so much more than that. After all, we Witches are known for having magickal brooms so why aren't we using them more?
The broom itself functions as a symbol of the sacred marriage of the God and Goddess, a rite that has been symbolically reenacted each spring by followers of earth religions for thousands of years. The pole portion represents the phallus of the God, and the bristles symbolize the mound of Venus that guards the opening to the Goddesses reproductive organs. When both parts are united in a completed broom they form a potent magical symbol of wholeness and creative potential.
This sexual imagery makes the broom the perfect choice for a magical tool to use in fertility rites of all sorts.  It is also used at the conclusion of many Pagan marriages (called Handfastings) as the couple "jumps the broom" after exchanging their final vows.
In the distant past women would ride their brooms hobbyhorse style over newly tilled fields to encourage growth, and through barns and pasture lands to encourage the reproduction of animals.
Because brooms represent the totality of the deity-both male and female aspects- they have been used as talismans of protection. They have been placed under beds, across entryways and windows, at the entrances to sacred space, and they have stood guard at hearth sides.
The sweeping action of the broom itself, its ability to cleanse any area through which it is taken and to take whatever debris it collects to someplace else, is so obvious that the magical potency of this simple action is to often overlooked. 
In the article I read last night which was written by Edain McCoy, she tells us about a well-to-do Irish lass named Alice who owned a magic broom that got her into big trouble.
A seventeenth century Irish widow named Dame Alice Kyteler  knew the secret of the broom, and was apparently adept at using it to good effect until she was caught in the act and condemned to death for practicing Witchcraft.
Alice loved her children and was willing to use magic to help them succeed. She would take her broom out into the streets of her native Kilkenny late at night and begin a methodical sweeping action that was aimed toward her home. While doing this she would chant a magical rhyme in which she bid all the wealth in town to come to her eldest son William who lived with her.
No one knows just how long the very prosperous Alice had been working at this spell when she was discovered by a neighbor and reported as a Witch, but we do know that she was able to escape her persecutors and flee to England with most of her considerable wealth in tact. 
Do you think she used her broom to escape her persecutors? I like to think so..:)
With the economy the way it is, I expect all of you to grab your besoms this evening when the moon is high and start your methodical sweep to bless your home with prosperity. You know that I will be out there!
So my fellow Witches, grab your brooms and start using them like they want to be used...:)
Brightest Blessings,
The Celtic Witch

Note, I would also like to add that especially at the holiday season our homes get bogged down with stress and negative energy. This is supposed to be the season of good will.
A good way to cleanse your home of negativity is to grab your broom and starting at your front door move in a clock wise motion through your home sweeping out all negativity. Be sure to get under beds and all closets and corners. While you sweep you can chant something like this or use your own words:
"Sweep, Sweep,
With this broom.
All bad out of this room.
Sweep, Sweep,
All good in.
The bad to never return again."
Be sure your magickal broom never actually touches the floor. Keep in mind that this is a spiritual cleaning and should be done after your regular cleaning for maximum effect.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Embracing your Shadow Exercise

We Witches are adept at embracing our shadows. We innately understand there is no division in our human nature. We are complex and yet divine in our whole being. Part of our soul's journey is to no longer deny those aspects of ourselves they we label negative. As an artful exercise to encourage and integrate your shadow self, spread on the floor a roll of paper large enough for you to lie on. You will need a friend to assist you. Lying on your back, have your partner trace the outline of your silhouette with a black marker. Stand up and then draw a vertical line down the center of your shadow body. Choose crayons, pastels, or colored markers and, working through the seven chakras, draw some aspect of yourself that is hidden or unacknowledged on the left side and then a complementary or balancing quality that you own on the right-hand side. Create a rainbow bridge phrase or affirmation to connect these two polarities bringing them into harmony creating unity and embracing your shadow.
I found this to be an enlightening and fun project. Take this exercise a step further and fill the paper with the qualities you possess both positive and negative. Draw magickal symbols, affirmation, personal mantras, etc. When complete hang this somewhere like the back of your closet or bedroom door. If you have a sacred space hang it there. This will remind you of your shadow self and the qualities you would like to work on and improve.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smudgless Magick, Can it be done?

Sacred Space. It is the space where we reside. It is a place where we sit and meditate and our personal corner in the magickal world. It is a place where we invite deity. It is the place where we find comfort and where we shut out the mundane. It is where we come home to at the end of the day or at the end of a journey and find peace.
When I say, "We are going to clear our sacred space", I bet you all reach for the smudge stick.
There are people, like my daughter, who do not take too kindly to smoke. For those who have allergies and asthma, or are ex-smokers, or wish to avoid second hand smoke, the whole smudging ritual is awkward and can be dangerous.
While this is an accepted practice, what about those who are allergic to sage? Ever notice the person who immediately starts to cough when the smudge stick is lit? The kids who walk into a room after it's been smudged and start coughing? This could be from the smoke and it could also be from the sage. Then why do we continue to use smudge sticks and incense?
For many, it's the smell, it's the accepted practice, and it's how they were taught. Smoke purifies.
While it does purify, it can also send someone home sick or to the hospital. And with people constantly worrying about the effects of smoke on themselves and their children, perhaps we should start looking at alternatives. I agree that scented smoke smells wonderful and magickal. Whether it is sage, frankincense, or your favorite incense blend, the smell of scented smoke is wonderfully calming and can put you into a magickal state of mind quite quickly.
But smoke is not the only way to spread scent around. Ever here of Aromatherapy? Yes, I am sure you have :)
Aromatherapy does not rely on smoke to spread the scent around. It relies on oils delivered in a number of ways to fill the air, and yourself, with calming, relaxing scents. The same can be done with ritual scents that place us in a magickal frame of mind.
The most popular way is scented candles. You can either make your own or purchase them.
Another popular method and my personal favorite is an oil diffuser. These are small candle heated or electric warmers that heat water and I find them to be much more powerful then even the best made candle. To use one you simply add your chosen oil blend to the water and the diffuser gently heats the oil and diffuses it into the air. An oil diffuser should only be used if you are going to be around to blow the candle out once the oil has evaporated. If not you may end up with a ruined diffuser as well as a serious fire hazard.

I know that essential oils can be quite expensive. They usually start at around $6.00 and can go up to $80.00-$100.00 for a small bottle. However, you will only be using a very small amount in a diffuser, anywhere from 5-10 drops.
But when you think about it how much use do you get out of a $5.00 smudge stick?
Now lets talk about the cleansing issue. Smoke clears the space, it also cleanses the individual coming into the circle.
One traditional practice is to anoint members with scented oils. Look at a variety of old myths and legends, and you will read about washing with scented water, placing oils on a person's forehead, or sprinkling someone with scented water to cleanse and bless them. Many of these practices are still used today.
There are many ways to produce scented water, from allowing water to sit with flower petals in it overnight to adding some oil for scent. You can put water in a bowl with flowers and petals and dip your fingers into the water and anoint yourself and members of your circle. In some circles the priestess will take a small handmade broom and flick the water on the members as they enter the circle. In some the high priest will draw a pentacle on the foreheads of the members with a finger that has been dipped in the scented water.
Finally, there is the actual cleansing and grounding of sacred space. From clearing a circle to a house cleansing, the sage smudge can be dropped from the list in favor of a favorite mixture that is applied dry and then swept away in 24 hours.
A basic mixture to use is equal parts sea salt, pine needles, rosemary, and sage. Crush or grind the sage leaves, rosemary, and pine needles into a powder form or as close to that as you can get. This is a cleansing and purifying blend that can take the place of your smudge stick. Then add your salt and sprinkle it around your sacred space or for a full house cleaning, around your home. After 24 hours simply vacuum or sweep it up.
You can change this recipe to suit any magickal intent, for example if you want to add some romance to your boudoir, use rose petals, jasmine, and sea salt!
The point is that anything can be cleansed without the use of smoke.
Because of my extensive collection of essential oils I can create any blend to use in my oil burner. If you would like me to create a custom blend for you to use at home or in your magickal space I would be happy to do so. I enjoy custom orders and would love to create the perfect magickal scent for you.
You can reach my through my online shop here:
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Gain a Loved Ones Attention

To turn the eyes of love of a mate who is looking at others or cheating on you, find a picture of the person who has caught your loved one's attention. Or, if this is impossible, write the person's name on a piece of flower shaped paper. Place the photo or paper in a shallow bowl and stir it clockwise, saying:
Gather your flowers while you may.
Time brings only sorrow.
For the flowers of the day,
Will just be weeds tomorrow.
Place the paper or picture in with your compost or weed pile. Soon your partners facination with this new bloom will end, and its true rotten nature revealed.

To help a lover stay true try this Fidelity Powder from The Organic Brew!

Fidelity Casting Powder is a magickal blend that has been in use for centuries. Simply sprinkle this powerful blend in the shoes, clothing, and in the vehicle of the one you are trying to keep honest. You could sprinkle some in the wallet or pretty much anyplace that the person will have frequent contact with. A small pinch in each area is all that is needed to work.
This powder can also be used in spell work by sprinkling around your altar and candles as well as being added to mojo bags.
Fidelity Powder is a blend of herbs, botanicals, barks, roots, resins, and essential oils.
This bottle of Fidelity Casting Powder comes in a lovely glass corked bottle that has been sealed with black wax.
It has a lovely Celtic knot parchment paper label. The bottle measures 3 inches in length.

An Offering to the Sea

August is vacation month and many of us spend time by the sea reflecting on her great mystery. The sea celebrates the union of Earth and sky. Her magickal moon dance of ebb and flow in step with wax and wane, inhale and exhale, is the very breath of spirit. We can sit by her side and witness the wheel turning, our own cyclic nature, and the power to transform our lives. To honor her mystery, rise when the Sun rises. Have an abalone shell to use as your altar. As you walk the beach, gather small objects such as a seed pod, a bird's feather, a perfectly round stone that looks like the Full moon, a twig in the shape of a rune, wild sweet peas, or sparkling sea glass. Give each object a purpose or symbolic meaning as you place it in your abalone shell. When you have reached a spot on the beach that feels right to you cast a circle with driftwood. Sit down and place your sea altar before you. Raise your face to the warm Sun and greet the Gods and Goddesses of the sea. Ask them to accept your offerings for their blessing of positive change and transformation.

I was lucky enough to spend my vacation week this year by the enchanting sea shore in New England. While there I collected many treasures from the sea. With these treasures I created a lovely Sea Globe.
Bring the magick of the sea into your home with an enchanting Sea Globe by The Organic Brew!
This adorable Sea Globe contains genuine New England Beach Sand, Pink Aruba Beach Sand, Genuine Sea Stones, Genuine Sea Glass, and tiny sea shells from the islands.

A perfect way to work with the element of water and earth and an enchanting piece for the Sea Goddess in all of us~!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attracting the Faery Folk

Whether you dwell in the country or the city, you can make your home more appealing to the fairy folk with a few thoughtful steps that can be done in your yard or in outdoor planters on your deck or balcony. Cultivate a few attractive plants such as bluebells, lily of the valley, ferns, cowslips, or rosemary. Within these plantings place a small attractive bowl as a place for the faeries to bathe and frolic. Tie a few tiny silver bells onto the plantings. Add a couple of dried milkweed pods, complete with milkweed down, for the fairies to use as beds. A simple but lovely fairy house can be made from a birdhouse and added into the fairy garden. Remember to leave gifts of shiny glass beads, sequins, or silver charms. The fairies love sparkly gifts just as much as we do. Above all else, remember to speak words of welcome and invitation to them whenever you are near the fairy garden.
Taken from my Witches Spell a Day Almanac and written by Winter Wren.

A lovely item to have in your home to attract the Fae is one of the Organic Brew's enchanting Fairy Grove Magickal Globes! There are two types to choose from, one square and one round. Both are filled with faery favorites and are a lovely addition to any Fairy Lovers Home and Sacred Space.

Gaining Employment and Beating the Competition Spell

Nothing feels less magickal than having to work for a living, but the fact is that most of us have to go out and labor for our sustenance. This means that at some point we must endure the humiliation of the infamous job interview, a sadistic compulsion on the part of employers  intended to reduce us to sniveling doormats of subservience before they grudgingly allow us to work for them.With all the stiff competition for employment, a little magick can help you project your best image. For this spell you will need one green candle, one orange, and one yellow or gold. You will also need some ground or whole cloves and a small Tigers Eye stone. Your tigers eye will become charged in this spell to turn its most beneficial energies to you and will become a talisman to draw wealth to you while allowing you to project your best image. It may even give you the confidence you need to outshine the competition.
On your altar or other work surface set up the three candles in some semblance of a small circle, placing the green candle nearest you. Spend a moment centering yourself and concentrating your thoughts on your goal. When you are ready to begin, start lighting the candles, starting with the green one and moving clockwise around your circle.
As you light the green candle, focus on its energies of prosperity and abundance, qualities you want drawn to you through the job you hope to secure. Make a statement to affirm this such as:
Fire of green, abundance bright, drawing prosperity by your light.
As you light the orange candle focus on it's qualities of attraction, particularly between forces that are already in sympathy with one another. Make a statement such as:
Simpatico permeates the meeting place, making me seem an interesting face.
As you light the yellow or gold candle, think of its qualities of projecting energy and competence, allowing you to show your best side. As you do this affirm your action with a statement such as:
From deep within my positives come though, debits hold back while credits shine through.
Place the tigers eye in the center of the candles and spend several minutes sensing the energy of the candles filling the stone, programming it to your will. Take the cloves, an herb with energies corresponding to wealth and employment, and make a clockwise circle around the candles. Visualize this as a circle containing all the energies on your altar, helping to filter them into the tigers eye.
Spend some more time focusing on your goal. This is a good time to practice interview scenarios or to focus your energies on a brief chant such as:
Stone of light, earth and fire, send the image that says, "please hire".
Extinguish the candles when you feel ready, or leave them so that you can repeat the spell on another night to give it added strength. When you are done, carry the tigers eye in your right pocket, on the projective side of your body during job interviews.

To enhance this spell, wear "Hire Me" Oil.
"Hire Me" Oil is a magickal blend of essential oils blended into a calendula and vitamin e infused carrier oil created to aid you with gaining employment, raises, and advancements within your chosen industry as well as having an upper hand on the competition.
Wear this oil on job interviews as well as anointing your resumes/job applications and spell candles with this magickal blend. All of my oils are created in sacred space surrounded by and infused with the magickal energy of the chosen intent.

This spell came from my 2000 Llewellyn's Magickal Almanac and was written by the lovely Edain McCoy.