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Gypsy Magick

No one knows where the Gypsies originated. Because they arrived in Europe from the East, they were thought by early Europeans to be from Turkey or any one of the vaguely acknowledged non- European places. They were even thought to have been from Egypt, and were called, among other things, Egyptians, or ‘Gyptians, which is how the word “Gypsy” originated.
No matter their original origins, Gypsies, or Romas, are renown for their psychic abilities and the magickal talent of attracting good fortune or causing upset to a life with a curse. All are born with such gifts, but what makes their powers so innate is their relationship with nature. Their bond with the spirits of the outdoors allow their gifts to evolve naturally.
The Gypsies are responsible for the spread of much occult knowledge over many centuries and every aspect of their lives is steeped in magick. As they traveled all over the world in their Vardo’s they were often sought out by the townsfolk of the villages they passed through for spells and divination. The Gypsies would barely have time to set up camp before the townsfolk would arrive seeking advice.
The traditional Gypsy uses herbal lore, magick and divination for everyday issues. Knowledge of herbs is essential for Gypsy style healing. Using the “sight” leads to making better choices and clearer decisions. All of these are practiced by the Shuvani or The Gypsy Witch. The Shuvani is the keeper of the tribe’s magick, rites and superstitions. Shuvani’s can bless, curse, or heal as they see fit.
Their powers like those of the old Pagan peoples are rooted in a belief in the spirits of the earth, water, air, forest and fields.
There are so many different ways to work magick, some are complicated and ritualistic. They require expensive tools and hard to find objects. Then there is Gypsy magick. This magick is made with everyday items.
The Gypsies say that the power of magick lies in four simple ingredients.
The first is desire/will. The stronger your desire for something to happen, the more power you generate towards that goal.
The 2nd thing is concentration. You must concentrate on what you are doing so that you can put the necessary will power into it.
The 3rd ingredient is patience. After completing your spell, sit back and patiently wait for your work to take effect. Some spells work quickly, some may take much longer, but you must be patient.
The final ingredient is secrecy. Gypsies don’t announce when they have performed magick. They do it quietly with in the privacy of their Vardo’s. You also should keep your magickal workings private. By talking about your spell work, you weaken it. It is the equivalent of working against your own magick.
The Gypsies four simple ingredients are quite similar to the four words of the Magus which is well known in magickal society. The four words of the Magus are to know, to will, to dare and to be silent.
You must have the proper knowledge to work your magick effectively. You need will to concentrate and channel your magick effectively. You dare to see your magick through to the end and you must be silent about your magickal workings.
These things are a must for working effective magick whether it is performing gypsy magick or ritualistic magick, these are the key ingredients.
All magickal workings that the Gypsies perform involve the use of things that are natural. Seldom, if ever do they buy something that is manufactured. This is because the Gypsies are used to making do with what they have and with what they can easily obtain. Natural objects have much purer vibrations than those that are manufactured.
At times it is necessary to search the roads, woods and fields for some time to find an item that is just right for a particular spell. The search is all part of the magickal working, for the anticipation of the search helps build the power which will then be charged with the proper intent when it is found and used.
Please remember, never rush magick. Most magick needs to be done at just the right time of day or night. You need a certain moon phase and astrological correspondence for all aspects to be in line. Granted, at times, we may not always have the time to plan the perfect spell and there are certain ways to make that spur of the moment magick as effective as possible. Those spur of the moment times should be far and few between though.
Knots have always been used magickally in spells. They can be employed in all aspects of love, whether in courtship, with the newly married, or for the love of family many years after marriage. That is why I have decided to include this Love Knot Spell by Raymond Buckland as people of all ages will find it useful. This spell should be employed when two people will be away from each other and want to make sure they are in each others thoughts while apart.
To be out of sight of the one you love is not the same as being out of his heart. He should be thinking about you night and day until he sees you again. To bring this about you need to tie his heart to yours. Take a personal item of clothing from him- a handkerchief or neck scarf, or something similar. It should be something that he has used or worn many times. It can be washed, so that it is clean, but it should be something that he’s used for a long time. The ideal item would be a piece cut from an undergarment, such as the tail of a shirt or undershirt. On this piece of cloth, mark his name and yours, enclosed in a heart.
In earlier times, the young woman would embroider the names and the heart, concentrating her thoughts on the two of them together through every stitch she made. Today, many people would use a felt-tip pen or something similar. This will do (though if you really want to put as much power as possible into the charm, do it the old way!), but you must still concentrate on the two of you while writing. The names should be done in green and the heart in red.
Roll the cloth, lengthwise, into a tight thin tube. Then tie it in a knot in the middle, and tie another knot at each end-three knots in all. As you tie the knot in the middle, say (aloud) his name and yours.
As you tie the knot at one end, repeat your name. As you tie the knot at the other end, repeat his name.
Wear the knotted piece of cloth against your skin for three days and nights. This you can do by tucking it into your underclothes, and at night, beneath your nightdress or pajamas. At the end of that time, give it to your lover, with a kiss. He must always keep it on his person and then he will never forget you. You will be in his thoughts constantly.
This spell can be done in any situation. It can be done by husband and wife, mother and son, or any other combination of loved ones where there is a desire to remain in each others thoughts while apart. Many times two such knotted cloths are prepared and given, one from the woman to the man and another from the man to the woman.
Finding a natural knot is especially powerful love magick. To find a vine that had grown into a knot, or willow twigs that have done the same, is extremely lucky. Gypsies in some areas believe that the spirits, or fairies, have tied these knots. If a man can find such a knot and place it in the bed of the woman he loves, they will become as one, so goes the old belief. It will, of course, work the other way around, with a woman placing it in the bed of a man.
I hope you have enjoyed this article on Gypsy Magick. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so feel free to write me.
Brightest Blessings,
The Organic Witch

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