Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Gain a Loved Ones Attention

To turn the eyes of love of a mate who is looking at others or cheating on you, find a picture of the person who has caught your loved one's attention. Or, if this is impossible, write the person's name on a piece of flower shaped paper. Place the photo or paper in a shallow bowl and stir it clockwise, saying:
Gather your flowers while you may.
Time brings only sorrow.
For the flowers of the day,
Will just be weeds tomorrow.
Place the paper or picture in with your compost or weed pile. Soon your partners facination with this new bloom will end, and its true rotten nature revealed.

To help a lover stay true try this Fidelity Powder from The Organic Brew!

Fidelity Casting Powder is a magickal blend that has been in use for centuries. Simply sprinkle this powerful blend in the shoes, clothing, and in the vehicle of the one you are trying to keep honest. You could sprinkle some in the wallet or pretty much anyplace that the person will have frequent contact with. A small pinch in each area is all that is needed to work.
This powder can also be used in spell work by sprinkling around your altar and candles as well as being added to mojo bags.
Fidelity Powder is a blend of herbs, botanicals, barks, roots, resins, and essential oils.
This bottle of Fidelity Casting Powder comes in a lovely glass corked bottle that has been sealed with black wax.
It has a lovely Celtic knot parchment paper label. The bottle measures 3 inches in length.

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