Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attracting the Faery Folk

Whether you dwell in the country or the city, you can make your home more appealing to the fairy folk with a few thoughtful steps that can be done in your yard or in outdoor planters on your deck or balcony. Cultivate a few attractive plants such as bluebells, lily of the valley, ferns, cowslips, or rosemary. Within these plantings place a small attractive bowl as a place for the faeries to bathe and frolic. Tie a few tiny silver bells onto the plantings. Add a couple of dried milkweed pods, complete with milkweed down, for the fairies to use as beds. A simple but lovely fairy house can be made from a birdhouse and added into the fairy garden. Remember to leave gifts of shiny glass beads, sequins, or silver charms. The fairies love sparkly gifts just as much as we do. Above all else, remember to speak words of welcome and invitation to them whenever you are near the fairy garden.
Taken from my Witches Spell a Day Almanac and written by Winter Wren.

A lovely item to have in your home to attract the Fae is one of the Organic Brew's enchanting Fairy Grove Magickal Globes! There are two types to choose from, one square and one round. Both are filled with faery favorites and are a lovely addition to any Fairy Lovers Home and Sacred Space.

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