Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gaining Employment and Beating the Competition Spell

Nothing feels less magickal than having to work for a living, but the fact is that most of us have to go out and labor for our sustenance. This means that at some point we must endure the humiliation of the infamous job interview, a sadistic compulsion on the part of employers  intended to reduce us to sniveling doormats of subservience before they grudgingly allow us to work for them.With all the stiff competition for employment, a little magick can help you project your best image. For this spell you will need one green candle, one orange, and one yellow or gold. You will also need some ground or whole cloves and a small Tigers Eye stone. Your tigers eye will become charged in this spell to turn its most beneficial energies to you and will become a talisman to draw wealth to you while allowing you to project your best image. It may even give you the confidence you need to outshine the competition.
On your altar or other work surface set up the three candles in some semblance of a small circle, placing the green candle nearest you. Spend a moment centering yourself and concentrating your thoughts on your goal. When you are ready to begin, start lighting the candles, starting with the green one and moving clockwise around your circle.
As you light the green candle, focus on its energies of prosperity and abundance, qualities you want drawn to you through the job you hope to secure. Make a statement to affirm this such as:
Fire of green, abundance bright, drawing prosperity by your light.
As you light the orange candle focus on it's qualities of attraction, particularly between forces that are already in sympathy with one another. Make a statement such as:
Simpatico permeates the meeting place, making me seem an interesting face.
As you light the yellow or gold candle, think of its qualities of projecting energy and competence, allowing you to show your best side. As you do this affirm your action with a statement such as:
From deep within my positives come though, debits hold back while credits shine through.
Place the tigers eye in the center of the candles and spend several minutes sensing the energy of the candles filling the stone, programming it to your will. Take the cloves, an herb with energies corresponding to wealth and employment, and make a clockwise circle around the candles. Visualize this as a circle containing all the energies on your altar, helping to filter them into the tigers eye.
Spend some more time focusing on your goal. This is a good time to practice interview scenarios or to focus your energies on a brief chant such as:
Stone of light, earth and fire, send the image that says, "please hire".
Extinguish the candles when you feel ready, or leave them so that you can repeat the spell on another night to give it added strength. When you are done, carry the tigers eye in your right pocket, on the projective side of your body during job interviews.

To enhance this spell, wear "Hire Me" Oil.
"Hire Me" Oil is a magickal blend of essential oils blended into a calendula and vitamin e infused carrier oil created to aid you with gaining employment, raises, and advancements within your chosen industry as well as having an upper hand on the competition.
Wear this oil on job interviews as well as anointing your resumes/job applications and spell candles with this magickal blend. All of my oils are created in sacred space surrounded by and infused with the magickal energy of the chosen intent.

This spell came from my 2000 Llewellyn's Magickal Almanac and was written by the lovely Edain McCoy.

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