Saturday, August 21, 2010

Embracing your Shadow Exercise

We Witches are adept at embracing our shadows. We innately understand there is no division in our human nature. We are complex and yet divine in our whole being. Part of our soul's journey is to no longer deny those aspects of ourselves they we label negative. As an artful exercise to encourage and integrate your shadow self, spread on the floor a roll of paper large enough for you to lie on. You will need a friend to assist you. Lying on your back, have your partner trace the outline of your silhouette with a black marker. Stand up and then draw a vertical line down the center of your shadow body. Choose crayons, pastels, or colored markers and, working through the seven chakras, draw some aspect of yourself that is hidden or unacknowledged on the left side and then a complementary or balancing quality that you own on the right-hand side. Create a rainbow bridge phrase or affirmation to connect these two polarities bringing them into harmony creating unity and embracing your shadow.
I found this to be an enlightening and fun project. Take this exercise a step further and fill the paper with the qualities you possess both positive and negative. Draw magickal symbols, affirmation, personal mantras, etc. When complete hang this somewhere like the back of your closet or bedroom door. If you have a sacred space hang it there. This will remind you of your shadow self and the qualities you would like to work on and improve.

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