Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Solutions for your New Years Resolutions
by The Organic Brew
As the New Year approaches we tend to use this time to reflect. We look both forward and back. This is a time of release and renewal. A time to look back on both the positive and negative and decide on what changes we feel we need to make.
Thoughts on what we would like to accomplish, change, and better in our lives this coming year are at the forefront of our thoughts.

 While most of us have many of the same issues we would like to tackle like loosing weight and quitting smoking, others are making emotional changes like opening themselves up for new relationships or mending old ones.
Each one of us has our own individual resolutions and reasons for them.
As the New Year starts off we are all gung-ho on making changes, we tackle our new resolutions with dedication and enthusiasm. Unfortunately this attitude does not last long. Do you want to know why?
Because making changes is hard! Really hard! It is so easy to fall back into the behaviors of the past. Our interest and self confidence wanes, insecurities begin to find their way in and then that dreaded little voice starts up.
You know the one I am referring to. That annoying voice that tells you that you really do not need to make this change at all.  Everything wasn’t so bad was it?
Self doubt takes over and then our resolutions are a goner.
Finite, done.
So what to do?
One, you need to set a course for these new life changes. Everyday changes both big and small need to be made.
Stop going to the corner store where you used to buy your cigarettes, go to the one down the street or across town for what you need.
Stop buying things in the market that are working against the changes you are trying to make, and if you are lucky enough to have someone in your house that is willing to help you, send them to the Market with the list. Temptation removed.

The Organic Brew is excited to offer a new line of products that are going to help you keep your new years resolutions and keep them! As the age of Aquarius reigns let us all make the changes we desire in our spiritual and physical lives.
“Resolution Solutions” is a line of Organic Alchemy Perfume Oil Blends geared towards helping you be successful in your new year’s resolutions. Each blend is created with essential oils, resin oils, carrier oils, stones, crystals and other amulets and magickal talismans creating a powerful magickal blend that will instill you with the confidence and inner strength you need to stay true to your New Years Resolutions.
These products will aid you on your path to a better and healthier, more confident you.

The following are the different Resolutions Oil Blends to choose from:
If you are attempting to tackle a resolution that you do not see a blend for, do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to create a custom blend just for you.

Resolutions Wight Loss Organic Alchemy Blend
This Organic Alchemy Blend is to be massaged around the stomach in a clock wise direction to stimulate digestion and digestion congestion.

Resolutions Exercise Organic Alchemy Blend
This blend is geared towards stimulating the body to encourage energy for exercise. Massage this blend onto arms, legs, torso, neck, pulse points and chakra centers.

Resolutions Prosperous New Beginnings Organic Alchemy Blend
This blend is geared towards aiding you in removing the self imposing blocks you may be harboring towards wealth as well as encouraging you to release old patterns of behavior that are holding you back from prosperity and success.
Wear daily to attract prosperous blessings and to aid with releasing negative energy from your life path. This blend can be added a warm bath or add a few drops to an oil burner.

Resolutions Stress Organic Alchemy Blend
This blend is geared towards aiding you with releasing that which binds you. The stress may be mental, physical, or environmental in origin.
Wear this blend daily as well as adding to a warm bath, or add a few drops to an oil burner. 

Resolutions Depression Organic Alchemy Blend
Depression can come in many forms and can debilitate the person suffering with it. This blend contains essential oils known for their sedative and anti-depressant strengths. I have also added essential oils that are known to boost confidence and self esteem.
Wear daily as a personal fragrance by anointing pulse points and chakra centers. Add to a warm bath or add a few drops to an oil burner.

Resolutions Spirituality Organic Alchemy Blend
Spirituality is a blend geared towards aiding you in achieving enlightenment. Wear this blend during any type of spiritual practice like meditation, rituals, and praying. Anoint your pulse points, chakra centers, the palms of each hand, and the soles of each foot at the start of your spiritual practice.

Resolutions New Relationships Organic Alchemy Blend
Opening your heart to new levels of love and compassion is the job of this blend. Wear this blend daily as a personal fragrance.

I wish for you all a wonderful new year and a time of enlightenment and inner strength as the age of Aquarius reigns!
Bright Blessings,