Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Importance of Prayers, Spells, & Rituals

The Importance of Prayers, Spells, & Rituals
Katherine Cotoia~The Organic Brew

In this post I use the terms God/Goddess/Deity interchangeably as I understand all my readers have different beliefs.

Why do we perform spells? Rituals? Say daily devotions?
The Gods see and hear all so why do we need to pray to them? They already know what is going on in our lives. Right?
Yes, the Gods do know what is going on however I believe most times they wait to see how we are going to handle the situation before they intervene, if they intervene at all. Some lessons we are here to learn and no deity is going to remove those lessons from us. These lessons are a part of our path to enlightenment, why would they remove a lesson that will only make us stronger? They may lesson the load at times when it gets to heavy and that is the difference a prayer will make. By lighting a candle and meditating, praying to your Goddess and letting her know that the load is just too heavy right now; she can lesson it for you. However would she have done it if you hadn’t taken the time to pray to her? Perhaps, perhaps not. I personally like to keep the connection with deity strong, I thank her for all that I have on a regular basis, I talk to her (in my head mostly but out loud to, lol) and when something wonderful happens, I thank her.  You can’t just call out to your God when times are tough, it really is quite rude.

How do prayers and spells make a difference or change anything? Because when you pray/spell/ritual, you are calling out to a God, you are bringing a problem or issue to their attention. There are many people who pray to certain Gods, millions who pray to Jesus everyday, millions who call to Hecate, Arianrhod, Cerridwen each and everyday. That is a lot of people for the Gods to lend aid to, listen to, and watch over. That is a lot of children to care for, it must be exhausting!
When you pray or perform a spell you are taking the time to call to your God, “Hey, down here, I have a problem, please help me”
 By taking the time to prepare for your ritual or spell, by lighting your candles, writing your words, reciting your chants or prayers, you are building a connection to that deity. The path of energy is being built from you to them. The more you do this the better connection you will have.
Is it enough to just shoot out a spell or prayer a few times a year and expect that deity to listen and respond?
Personally, I think not. It would be like the cousin whom you haven’t heard from in years calling and asking you to lend them their rent money. Why should that be ok? You may do it anyway and there are times that a God will answer a call to someone who doesn’t take the time to pray, however I do think that they expect a little more then the once a year candle being lit. Of course this is just my humble opinion.
By building a relationship with your Goddess/God, you are strengthening the bond between you.  That energy will flow between the two of you much easier and will get stronger over time.
By reading their stories, meditating on their lives, and picturing yourself living the life your God lived you can develop a different level of understanding about your God. Putting yourself in their positions and thinking about how you would have handled the life your God lived, well that is a wonderful way to truly appreciate your deity.
7 day candles are sold at almost every dollar store and supermarket. They are sold in a variety of colors. Choose one for your God and take the time to decorate that candle. Write a prayer or invocation that you can say when you light your candle and add it to the candle. I would choose a thicker paper for this. Decorate with items that your deity is associated with, if you pray to Arianrhod decorate the front with images or a drawing of the Aurora Borealis and the full moon. I like to write my own invocations however if you are not someone who enjoys this then there are many that can be found online.
Place this candle in a place of honor in your home and light it often. I also like to add items that are associated with that deity. For example, on Valentines Day I dedicate my altar to Aphrodite. My altar is draped with a red cloth, sea shells, rose quartz crystals and an image of Aphrodite are placed with my other magickal items. 

Get creative and let your deity know that you actually respect and care about them.
Of course, if you are not the “artsy craftsy” type, no worries. Contact me through Facebook or and I would be happy to create a custom one of a kind deity candle for you.
So perhaps the time has come to really think about how you worship and make some changes in thought where your deity is concerned.
Bright Blessings,

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