Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Offering to the Sea

August is vacation month and many of us spend time by the sea reflecting on her great mystery. The sea celebrates the union of Earth and sky. Her magickal moon dance of ebb and flow in step with wax and wane, inhale and exhale, is the very breath of spirit. We can sit by her side and witness the wheel turning, our own cyclic nature, and the power to transform our lives. To honor her mystery, rise when the Sun rises. Have an abalone shell to use as your altar. As you walk the beach, gather small objects such as a seed pod, a bird's feather, a perfectly round stone that looks like the Full moon, a twig in the shape of a rune, wild sweet peas, or sparkling sea glass. Give each object a purpose or symbolic meaning as you place it in your abalone shell. When you have reached a spot on the beach that feels right to you cast a circle with driftwood. Sit down and place your sea altar before you. Raise your face to the warm Sun and greet the Gods and Goddesses of the sea. Ask them to accept your offerings for their blessing of positive change and transformation.

I was lucky enough to spend my vacation week this year by the enchanting sea shore in New England. While there I collected many treasures from the sea. With these treasures I created a lovely Sea Globe.
Bring the magick of the sea into your home with an enchanting Sea Globe by The Organic Brew!
This adorable Sea Globe contains genuine New England Beach Sand, Pink Aruba Beach Sand, Genuine Sea Stones, Genuine Sea Glass, and tiny sea shells from the islands.

A perfect way to work with the element of water and earth and an enchanting piece for the Sea Goddess in all of us~!

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