Monday, September 20, 2010

A Meditation for Anxiety

A Meditation for Anxiety
I was going through some of my older files and came across this meditation for anxiety and thought I would share it with you.
For this meditation you'll need your choice of grounding stones (smoky quartz, hematite, tiger's eye, or black tourmaline), citrine, peridot or rhodochrosite, aventurine, and hawk's eye or amethyst, and a clear quartz point to hold in your hand. If you also have a smoky quartz point this will help to balance your energy.
You may find it helpful to also burn some essential oils in a diffuser. Place your grounding crystal near the base of your spine, citrine on the navel area, rhodochrosite or peridot on the solar plexus, aventurine on the heart center, and amethyst or hawk's eye just behind your head. Place a smoky quartz in one hand and a clear quartz in the other.
Of course, keep in mind that you can do this meditation without any crystals if you do not have them available to you.
Inhale slowly and deeply. Imagine your breath beginning at your head and traveling down to your feet, then coming back up again. Feel your breath travel through your body. After you've done this for a few minutes notice whether there are any parts of your body where there is tension or a feeling of agitation.
Focus your breathing on those areas. You might want to imagine your breath as a river or waterfall wearing down sharp-edged stones. See these stones become smooth.
Now, without thinking about the situation in detail, open yourself to solutions. If it is appropriate for you, also call on angels (guardian or others), your power animals, or any other beings you ask for assistance. The answers may not come up immediately; what is important is that you're making yourself receptive to them (like clearing and plowing land and planting seeds).
You may also want to recall situations in the past which seemed desperate or hopeless, and remind yourself that you resolved them. If you are meditating with hawk's eye imagine that you are a hawk soaring over the landscape of your life.
How long you spend in this meditation depends on your tolerance for it. If you're a new meditator ten minutes might be as much as you can handle. If you can last for or gradually increase your time to thirty minutes that would be ideal.
The greatest challenge for this particular meditation is to make sure that you continue the slow, deep breathing. If anxiety returns go back to the visualization of the water wearing down the stones. (If you have any nature music which features running water this can be especially helpful.)
When you've finished meditating you may find it helpful to take out a notebook and write down all the things you can do to solve the problem. Call your friends. It isn't their problem, and they won't be anxious about it. This alone will calm you down.
I hope you find this post helpful!
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