Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spell to Break a Curse or Hex

Last year there was some negative energy directed at me from someone who calls herself a Witch. This curse was done out of jealousy and their own insecurities. I performed this spell and it worked like a charm so I have decided to share it with you.
If at anytime you feel that someone has performed any negative magick with you in mind, perform this spell to reverse it.
You will need the following items:
3 black candles
Sage incense
holy water
sea salt
Set the three candles into a triangle with the incense, water and salt in the middle.
Light your incense.
Now light the three candles starting at the top and working counter clockwise ending back at the top.
As you say the spell pick up each candle as it is mentioned and hold it up as an offering.
Remember to visualize your intent. See the curse lifting from around you and flying quickly back to where it came from. Don't  picture the energy going back to a certain person, even if you know who put the curse on you. Just picture it flying away from you in any direction you choose. Put your emotion into the spell. Feel how wrong it is for someone to do this to you.
This should be done during waning moon. As the new moon fades so does the curse.
Hold up the top black candle and say:
"Evil sent must come to rest
Reflect it back to who knows best
Energy spent for evil and bane
Go back now from whence you came."

Pick up the bottom left candle and say:
"Far away I send you now,
With this hour all your attempts have no power."
Pick up the incense and say:
" By incense smoke and candle flame,
Away from me I send all bane."

Sprinkle some sea salt into the holy water and hold it up while saying the following:
"By cleansing water and power of salt
Harm to all now must halt.
To any who would wish me pain,
May all their curses be in vain.
All that blocks me from success
With this spell I lay to rest."
Dip your fingers in the salted water and anoint your head, palms of each hand, and the bottom of each foot.
Hold up your third candle and say:
"Break this spell,
Break this curse,
With these candles and this verse.
Send it back 3 times 3,
Evil has no hold on me."

Place the candle back on your altar and say with meaning and force:
"Hex return by candles three
Disappear and set me free
Live and Learn
Black candles burn
Three times three this hex returns.
All evil is now broken
With these words that I have spoken.
This is my will
This is my plea
For now and forever, this is how it will be!"

 Allow the candles to burn down then take the left over wax and spell ingredients, wrap them up and dispose of them at least three miles from your home in any direction. Once you leave the package make sure you do not turn back, Walk away with your head held high and your shoulders back.
You should right away feel like a heavy load has been lifted from your shoulders.
It would also be wise to take further steps to keep yourself and your family safe. Use a protection powder and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home. Do a spiritual cleansing every few months on your home to dispel negative energy that may be lingering around. Another thing to do is place crystals around your home to keep the positive energy flowing. Do not forget to perform these tasks on yourself as well. Cleanse yourself spiritually with incense smoke, wear protective jewelry and amulets.
There are many steps you can take to keep yourself and your home spiritually safe. Do not allow others to have a negative effect on your life. We must take control over our own lives and ensure the safety of our selves and our loved ones.
Thank you for stopping by The Organic Brew Blog. I hope you have found this post helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so feel free to write me. I would be happy to share your thoughts and ideas with others.
Bright Blessings to all!


  1. Greetings to you,

    Thank you for this so needed information. Sometimes we get a little slack in taking care of ourselves. Things tend to sneak in and cause things to happen. I now will focus and tend to myself and home. From a fellow Pisces who loves the mysterious, the magical and nature.
    Blessings to you!

  2. You are most welcome! I am sorry I didnt see your post before now. I agree, we must take care of ourselves spiritually as well as physically and Pisces people tend to take care of everyone else 1st, which leaves very little of ourselves for ourselves. We are givers by nature, which isnt a bad thing, we just need to remember to balance our care of others with care for ourselves.
    Bright Blessings to you!

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