Sunday, July 1, 2012

Protecting our Children Magickally

As parents we worry about our children constantly. Are they safe? Are they happy? Have they eaten? Did they put sun block on?
I could go on and on with the worries that enter our minds on a daily basis. As magickal practitioners there are steps we can take to give ourselves some peace of mind by casting a protective light around our children.
There are different types of spells you can work to protect your children. I am going to share two of my own with you here.
The 1st is a Clove Protection Spell.
Burn 6 cloves in a cauldron (or any fire safe dish that has been ritually cleansed) till all that is left is ash.
Now take the 1st finger of your power hand and stir the ashes three times clockwise while picturing a protective white light empowering the ashes.
Still using the same finger dab the ashes on your child’s forehead, chin and both cheeks.
Say the following chant or one of your own when applying the ashes:
“Protect (child’s name)
From all strangers and dangers
Allow no harm to come to this child.”

Here is another favorite used to protect your child from bullies and gossip.

Pick a charm, crystal or amulet of your choosing to enchant. Make sure this item is something that your child will keep on their person at all times.
Charge this item in the light of the Sun for three consecutive days while allowing it to also cool in the moonlight at night.
At the end of the 3rd day hold the amulet in your hand and repeat the following chant or one of your own.

“By my will the bullies bind
With focused will and focused mind.
Gossip and strife and left far behind,
Never to enter anyones mind.
My charm protects for evermore,
Till the day my child needs it no more.
In the names of the Lord and Lady
I cast this spell,
Bind it tight and keep it well.
Blessed Be.

I hope you have enjoyed this latest post of Child Protection Spells.
Bright Blessings,

Never underestimate the power of your own personal written spells, however feel free to use the ones I have shared with you for your own personal use only. Please do not copy, profit from, or claim ownership of any of the writings here. Contact me if you would like permission to share my posts.
Thank you!

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