Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Tips
The key when starting meditation is to not expect
too much from yourself to soon.
Remember to take it slowly.
To begin, find a quiet spot where you will not
be disturbed for at least 15-30 minutes.
Different positions work for different people.
You can sit on a chair with your back straight and
feet touching the floor. I prefer to use a large pillow and
sit on that Indian style. You want to be comfortable but not
so comfortable that you fall asleep.
Once you find a comfortable position, relax.
Breathe regularly and relax each part of your body.
Start at your forehead and slowly relax each body part
by picturing the kinks smoothing out. Take as long as
you need on this, do not rush it.
By the time you get to your toes you should feel relaxed.
Once you feel relaxed try to clear your mind.
At this point make your breathing a little deeper
and more focused. Clearing the mind is what most
people struggle with. They get frustrated and
give up when it doesnt come easily.
The key is to not be hard on yourself.
When thoughts intrude allow yourself to acknowledge
them for a moment and then gently push them aside.  
A nice way to do this is to put the thought into
a bubble and allow it to float away. Do this with any
thoughts that intrude. In the beginning this will take
some time and that is ok. After a while your mind
will realize that this is not the time for thinking.
The more you meditate the easier it will be to clear your mind.
At 1st you may only be able to clear your mind for a
few moments at a time however if you
dedicate time to meditation everyday or at least
every other, you will quickly see this time expand.
Before you know it you will find yourself meditating
for much longer times.
Meditation is worth the effort and time! It will bring
you inner balance and clarity.
You will find yourself less stressed and eventually
things like sleep patterns and even your health will improve.
For many it opens the door to clairvoyance
and psychic impressions. It will improve your physical and
 spiritual life more then you can imagine.
There are some magickal and organic items
that can aid you with meditation.
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Enjoy your path to enlightenment through meditation!
Bright Blessings

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