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Giveaway Winner/Sweet Magick

The winner of the latest giveaway from The Organic Brew is Joanne Gajewski! Congratulations Joanne! Despair not followers, I will be offering another product giveaway in a week or so!
Now onto some magickJ

Sugar has been used in magick for centuries to attract favorable circumstances.
White sugar, brown sugar, honey, chocolate, molasses, karo syrup, and other sweets can all be used to sweeten someone or something up.
While “sweetening up” spells do work, I personally prefer to use them as a smoother rather then a rectifier. For example, you have had a fight with a loved one, you have said or done something that was unkind. While you know this person will not remove you from their life permanently, you do want their forgiveness. Or perhaps you are forced to work with someone who for whatever reason does not like you. These are perfect situations for Sweet Magick.
A great way to perform this type of spell is by baking something special for this person. While adding the sugar and other sweet ingredients picture the person sweetening up to you. Picture your dealings with this person in a positive light. While mixing always mix in a clockwise direction picturing white loving light entering your mix. Picture this person enjoying what you have created for them. See them think of you in a positive light.
While mixing you can also say an appropriate chant of your own wording to direct the energy of the magick.
Please remember to treat people the way you want to be treated, do not take the time to work this type of magick and then turn around and think you can treat this person in a negative way and that the spell will rectify everything. No, you must keep the positive energy flowing.

Another way to work Sweet Magick is by creating a Sweet Jar for the same intended outcome. These are also known as Honey Jars.
For this spell you will need:
A clean jar or bottle
1 candle of appropriate color
Herbs, botanicals, and/or crystals to aid with the intended outcome
An altar oil appropriate for the intended outcome. If you are creating this for love then use something like “Come-Hither”
For financial or job situations:
“Red Fast Luck Oil”
A fabulous must have for all spell crafters is Louisiana Van Van Oil. This is an all purpose oil perfect for empowering all types of spell work.
There are many other magickal oils to choose from at The Organic Brew.
A personal item of the person you are intending the spell for. A lock of hair, piece of clothing, a photo etc. If you have none of these then a piece of paper with the person’s name on it is fine. Surround the name with appropriate magickal symbols.

Begin by casting your protective circle and calling on your chosen deity. Take your spell candle and carve the persons name on it along with any magickal symbols that are appropriate for the intended outcome of the spell.
Anoint all objects with your altar oil.

Begin by placing the personal item you have obtained then add your herbs, botanicals and crystals. Add three spoons of sugar or other sweet substance that you have chosen to use. Now fill the jar with honey.
Close the lid and seal with candle wax. Place what is left of the candle on top of the jar to burn. You can hold it in place by dripping wax onto the lid and then place the candle into the still warm wax. This should secure the candle. Be a smart Witch and place this in a fireproof dish or in the sink.
Say an appropriate magickal chant over the jar, one of your own wording is best. It does not have to rhyme, just make it come from the heart. Remember to keep positive visualization during the creation of this jar. Picture the outcome you desire the entire time.
Keep the finished jar someplace where no one will touch it but you. When you are no longer in need of the spell jar, dig a small hole in your yard/garden. Take the lid off and empty the ingredients of the jar into the hole. Thank the appropriate deity for aiding you on this spell. You can either bury the jar as well or throw it away in your recycling bin. I would not re-use it however. Fill the hole back in with dirt.
I hope you have enjoyed this latest entry of The Organic Brew’s Blog! I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on this topic.
Bright Blessings,
~Image taken of a butterfly in my Witches Garden this Spring~

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