Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Power of the Witches Foot Symbol in Magick and Ritual

The Witches Foot is a potent symbol used in Witchcraft.  It has one line running straight down and two lines crossing the middle creating a symbol consisting of six lines.
This symbol is very powerful when used properly, it can be used to access the threads of power that surround you and connect all layers of the worlds. The Witches Foot is known to bridge the gap between worlds and act as a device for soul flight. This allows access to the other worlds.

The art of invoking the presence of Spirit is also done by the power of the Witches Foot. When using this be aware of all 6 threads. Once you feel the power of all coursing through you from all places at once, you can feel the effects your various words, thoughts, and feelings have on the power of the world around you. With focus you can speak words of calling pushing those words through all 6 threads of the Witches Foot. By doing this you are ensuring that all of creation hears your call and the Spirit you seek will hear your call.

The Witches Foot Symbol depicts the 4 cardinal directions with the horizontal line representing above and below.
It connects all and is the basis behind the circle and the power that flows through the Witch. By opening the ways to the heavens, the earth, and the cardinal directions, power is allowed to flow freely. This power is then used to perform magick, rituals, meditation, astral travel and spirit communication.
When the power flows free deity can be welcomed into your circle by ascending or descending into your magick area. The Witch can also use this to travel between the worlds.

This symbol was also used centuries ago as a beacon for other Witches. Witches of years past would place this symbol on the bottom of their feet in a way that when they walked the symbol would be left in the footprint making it easy for other Witches to follow. This was done because their rituals needed to be kept secret, witches would not know where they were meeting for ritual, they would be told to meet at the entrance to perhaps the woods for example. They would then follow the Witches Foot Symbol to their destination.

There is much mystery and magick surrounding this symbol. As always I encourage you to do your own research into this magickal symbol, use it wisely and see what magick it bestows on your magickal workings.

At the Organic Brew I have a handmade Herbal Conjure Pillow with a Witches Foot Symbol in the center surrounded by the symbols of the four elements. This Conjure Pillow is filled with herbs, roots, resins, and botanicals all known for their magickal associations in connection with areas like astral travel and spirit communication. This magickal tool can be used during rituals and astral travel to aid you with your magickal endeavors.

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  1. Interesting. I will do some research on it. Thank you.

  2. Interesting. I will do some research on it. Thank you.