Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tutorial Recipe for Travel Protection Mojo

Travel Protection Mojo
Create this Travel Protection Mojo for your car to ward off car troubles which is especially helpful during the winter months. Choose a fabric to match your car or one in protective colors and cut a matching this strip of fabric to use as the ribbon to tie the bag shut.
For this spell I choose protective herbs that are easy to come across in your local market or in your garden. Use what herbs you have, if you are missing some no worries.
Lay out your fabric square and place in the middle:
Peppermint, 1 bay leaf, clover, coriander, clove, basil, peppercorn seeds, and a stone of protection like onyx or obsidian.
“In the name of the Lord and Lady
I create the charm bag to keep my
Vehicle and all who ride in it
Safe and free from harm and negativity
As I will
So mote it be”
Tie your bag shut and add ribbon, feathers, beads to decorate. Hang from your rear view mirror, tuck under your drivers seat, or place in your glove box. Charge in the light of the full moon every few months to keep the energy clean and strong.
Bright Blessings,
The Organic

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