Friday, January 4, 2013

My Grandmother

At 1st this post was going to be about my new Witches Ring and how the Universe led it to me. However, it has quickly turned into a post about something more, my Grandmother. A strong, self reliant, difficult and at times hard to understand woman. As a woman I understand that a woman’s heart is vast, with tons of little alcoves where past hurts are tucked to be pulled out when we are alone and can cry unseen. Perhaps her hardness was because of one of those alcoves of hurts. However, the Grandmother from my youth took care of me; I slept over her house and watched Dallas with her. We went to the movies and she would cover my eyes if something inappropriate was on the screen. She took me all over New England from Newport to the Warwick mall on the weekends. She bought me my 1st ten speed bike when I was 10. And at the tender age of 17 when I was living in Daytona without my Mother and was homesick, she paid for my Uncle to come to Florida to bring me home.
My Grandmother passed away a few months ago and I am ashamed to say we were not close in later years. My Grandmothers relationship with my Mother has always been a strained one and I am my Mother’s daughter. When my Grandmother would say things that would hurt my Mother, these hurts became my own. When she lived her later years ignoring invites to my home preferring to spend them with her son and his family, those hurts festered. However, I will say that we never argued my Grandmother and I, no harsh words were said between us and for this I am thankful.
This post was going to start out with reminding my readers about my Witches Ring that was lost to me a few years ago, about 6 years to be exact. In my recent blog post “How to Enchant your Witches Ring” I talked about loosing my Witches Ring. It was a silver and amethyst ring with an old world style to it. It was beautiful.  One day it disappeared and I searched everywhere for it. It was not to be returned to me.
Since then I have been looking to replace that ring, A Witch needs a special ring for many things. It is empowered with her magick, it brings her power and protection.
I have not found another ring that I like enough for it to be my Witches Ring. I have some requirements of this ring, it must be amethyst and it must be sterling silver. And of course I have to love it. It has to evoke a feeling inside of me.
About a month ago my Mother said she was going to send me some of her old jewelry, stuff she doesn’t wear anymore. The box came in the mail with some lovely clothes and a bag of jewelry. Inside this bag was a set of rings in sterling silver, a thin silver band woven around with swirls and a silver ring with a deep amethyst stone in it with two tiny quartz crystals on each side. I loved it and put the set on to find that it fit perfectly! My Mother has small hands and her rings are usually two small for me.  I called my Mother right away to ask about this set and she told me it was my Grandmothers. I can’t tell you how something in me settled knowing that this ring was once worn by my Grandmother. A woman who let nothing and no one stand in her way. How lucky could I be that I finally found my sterling silver and amethyst ring and to know that my Grandmother once wore this piece herself, well there is no better Witches Ring for me. I like to think that my Grandfather gave her this ring. He passed many years ago so we can’t ask him however I feel in my heart that is was from him. My Grandfather was a sweet, kind, caring man who never spoke to me in harshness and used to sit me on his lap and sing me songs like “A tiskat a Tasket”.
So today I light my Ancestor candle for my Grandparents and thank them for sending me that ring. I can only hope that my Grandmother still watches me from above like she did when I was a little girl.
I love you Grandma, thank you.

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