Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easy and Fun Magickal Amulets

Winter is almost over and with Spring approaching my Witchlet and I put together some magickal herbal amulets for our home. After months of winter the air in the home gets stagnant, herbal amulets are a great way to get the magick flowing again.
These amulets are super easy and fun to make. All you will need is:
Scraps of Fabric
Needle and Thread
Herbal Blend
crystals, stones, charms

To begin cut your fabric into any shape and size that you want, we decided on hearts. Sew a simple stitch around the border and leave an opening big enough to add your ingredients. Cut your ribbon long anough where you will be able to loop it and sew it to the top of your amulet for hanging. If you are not going to hang yours then you can skip this step.
For an herbal blend you can choose whatever you like. We choose a cleansing prosperity blend. We added:
Sea Salt
Organic Mint
Organic Rosemary
Organic Sage
Pepperint e/o
Lavender e/o
Sage e/o
Crystals and sea stones with runes painted on them
Use your creativity with your amulets. Cut some slips of paper and write chants, runes and magickal symbols on them. Roll your slips of paper and either tape shut or tie with a ribbon. Add to your amulets.
You can also add charms and beads to the front for decoration.
While blending your magickal mixture use an appropriate chant to aid with bringing the intent you choose for your amulet.

Here are some ideas for you:

This charm I hang
with true intent
May it serve me well
And bless me with _____ (add your intent here)
Blessed Be.

Home Protection
Lord and Lady of the day
Keep all harm far away
Set your guard ever near
Let no evil enter here.

Sweet Sleep
My dreams will be sweet and as I sleep
The power of blessings will find me
My rest shall be calm
In slumbers arms
And troubles shall all fall behind me
So mote it be.

Once your blend is complete fill your amulets and hold opening closed with pin till you are able to sew it closed.
That is all, you are done! Now hang your amulets around your home.

I would love to see how you use this idea and make it your own so feel free to send pics here or to my facebook page!
Bright Blessings,

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