Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Marshmallow Wreath

Marshmallow Wreath

1 foam wreath
4 bags of large marshmallows
1 bag of small marshmallows
1 box of 250 toothpicks

Paint, glitter, Epsom salt

This is a super easy kid friendly craft. Take your foam wreath (I do not recommend cutting the wreath in ½ to make it into two. The finished wreath does have some weight to it and you do not want it to fall apart when you go to hang it.)
To start, insert your toothpicks ½ way into the wreath and then add a marshmallow. Try not to allow the toothpick to come out of the top of the marshmallow. It will give it a more polished look in the end if you don’t.
That is it, fill the whole wreath adding one marshmallow at a time. You can add the smaller ones in to fill the gaps or make a design like little stars with the smaller marshmallows.
To give our wreath a little extra, I took one of the packages of marshmallows outside, laid them out on a piece of cardboard and spray painted them silver. I then added the silver ones here and there throughout the design.
When we were finished with the wreath we took some regular craft glue, added some to the tip of a clean paintbrush and added glue to the tops of some of the marshmallows. After added the glue we sprinkled Epsom salt onto the wet glue.
It gave the wreath some extra Christmas bling.
While I painted on the glue, my Witchlet went behind me sprinkling on the Epsom salt.
It was a two Witch job..:)

The total cost of this wreath was about $13.00. I had the Epsom salt at home so I did not add that into the cost.

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