Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas Ornament Wreath

1 wire hanger
Your choice of decorations
Floral wire

I chose to use silver and blue for the color scheme of my wreath. Before undoing your wire hanger mold it into the shape of a circle. Also, take the time to glue the tops onto your Christmas balls before putting them on the wreath. They will pop off after you are finished and it is near impossible to put them back on.
Undo the wire hanger top and slide the decorations on pushing them towards the opposite end. You can maneuver them around while you are doing this to hide the wire underneath. Make sure to leave yourself a few inches at each end to re-wrap the wire together again. Once you have done that take the top wire closure and wrap it into a circle for hanging. At this time you can now make sure there are no gaps in your design. If there are take some floral wire, wrap it around the top of some of your left over ornaments. Now wrap the floral wire around the wire hanger filling in any gaps.
Add your bow and you are done!
The total cost of this wreath depends on how much you spend on ornaments. I purchased mine at wal-mart. I bought:
1 package of turquoise balls:$4.98
1 package of silver balls $8.98
1 package of decorative ornaments:$4.98
1 package of small ornaments $3.50
Total cost: 24.91
I do have extra ornaments left, now enough for a whole wreath but enough for another craft I have in mind.


  1. May I ask, we're you purchased the ribbon ?

  2. I am so sorry I didn't see this! I purchased all the supplies for this at Wal-Mart including the ribbon.