Monday, July 4, 2011

Psychic Bonds Between Friends

I recently reconnected with a close friend whom I have known for almost 20 years. Unfortunately we lost touch about six years ago and thankfully we found our way back to each other. It is wonderful to have her back in my life and I am always amazed at how many time we say things to each other like "I was just going to call you!" or "Your ears must have been ringing as I was just talking about you!".
Our connection to one another has always been strong and that connection is what prompted me to write this blog.
Many people are sensitive to the moods of others, however between close friends the bond can be much stronger. When two people are emotionally linked it is not uncommon to experience moments of extrasensory perception regarding each other. These bonds are at their strongest in times of stress and high emotion. When you think about your friend your mind sends out a signal. Because your friends mind is attuned with yours she can pick it up, almost as if your minds were two radios tuned into the same station.
If you wish to strengthen this bond with your best friend then you need to listen to and trust your intuition. If you have the sudden urge to call your friend then do it. If you have a dream that shows your friend in danger, talk to your friend about the dream so they are aware of a would be danger. I agree that some dreams are nothing more then dreams. The way to tell the difference between "just a dream" and a true psychic warning is the feeling the dream leaves you with. If the dream is very vivid and stays with you for a while, then my advice is to put some stock in it. Trust your instincts and be open minded about your hunches. If you do this you and your friend will only benefit from the strengthened connection you share. Discovering and building psychic links can reinforce friendships and are one of the most profound expressions of friendship possible.
 Here is a fun game to play with your friend to strengthen your psychic bonds with one another.
Get a deck of regular playing cards and sit back to back with your friend. Both of you should relax and try to clear your minds of anything other then what you are doing at that moment. Do some relaxing breathing exercises before you begin and most importantly, have fun.
When you are ready to begin, one of you chooses a playing card from the deck. Look at the card and with your mind send the image of the card to your friend. You can do this either by trying to send them a psychic snapshot of the card or by repeating in your mind the card itself. For example if you picked the Queen of Hearts then in your mind repeat "Queen of Hearts" over and over and picture the words floating right into your friends ears. This fun game will actually work at connecting you and your friend. The more you do this the easier it will become.
Another thing you can try is working with memories.  Memories that evoke strong emotions are the easiest to pick up telepathically. Have your friend think of her strongest childhood memory. Describe any imagery that comes to your mind. Does it relate to her memory?
The more you both practice this, the stronger your psychic bond will become. And lastly, treasure your best friend. Every girl, teenager and woman needs a true best friend in their life. Someone who will be there to catch them if they fall.
Thank you for stopping by The Organic Brew, I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Wishing everyone a magickal day filled with love, light and laughter.

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  1. Thanks for this. :) My housemate and I are ridiculously close, and we work in a very stressful job where physical assault happens often. Last night, he sent me a message saying his heart was going crazy with anxiety, and mine suddenly responded in exactly the same way. I've found a lot of stuff online about psychic connections between twins and parents, but not friends. Good to know it is possible.