Friday, April 15, 2011

Spirits Blog~3rd Addition~Lilith and Spirit Manifestation

Here is the 3rd entry into my Spirit Blog. Today I wanted to touch on the manifestation of spirits. Spirits appear in many different manifestations.  Some spirits possess limited forms while others possess many different manifestations.  If a spirit wishes to be recognized, it will manifest in a familiar form. If you call upon a spirit you should familiarize yourself with the different forms in which this particular spirit may manifest. This will make it easier for you to recognize a visit or response to your request.
Mostly we invoke spirits purposely looking for their aid on certain endeavors. However there are times when spirit comes to us without being asked. It is these manifestations that are hard for some to recognize. They may come to you through visions or symbolism. Perhaps you had a vivid dream of a certain deity, or perhaps you keep seeing the same symbol over and over again. This is spirit reaching out to you. Listen, your life will be enriched threefold.

Now let's move on to the spirit I have chosen to talk about today. The much discussed and revered Lilith.

Lilith is also known as Lilitu (Sumeria); Lilis (Yiddish)
Origin: Sumeria
No spirit possesses a more fabulous history than Lilith, among the most primordial of spirits and the most modern. Few, if any, are more powerful. Her earliest appearance in recorded history is in Sumeria where she is somehow associated with Inanna. Although identified as a wind spirit, Lilith has profound associations with trees.  She is a wild, free spirit who cannot be chained or contained. In the Sumerian myth of the Huluppu Tree, Inanna makes the transition to an urban, settled agricultural environment. When she instigates the chopping down of the sacred tree Lilith calls home, Lilith flees, remaining a spirit of the wilderness.
Jewish legend identifies Lilith as Adam's first wife, the true first female, created not from Adam's rib but from Earth simultaneously with him. Adam and Lilith's relationship quickly became contentious. She refused to take direction from him, specifically refusing to lie beneath him during sex. Lilith demanded to be treated as an equal rather than a subordinate, basing her claim on their common origin. When Adam attempted to force her, Lilith uttered the secret, ineffable name of the Creator and flew away, initiating the first divorce.
Lilith makes appearances in Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Canaanite, Hebrew, Mandaean, Persian, Sabean and Arabic myth and folklore. She may linger in Christianity under the guise of some Black Madonnas. She is an omnipresent figure in Jewish myth and folklore.
Lilith demands acknowledgement. Her name appears only onces in the Jewish Bible (Isaiah 34:14) and even that reference is ambiguous since it may also be literally interpreted as "screech owl". Lilith is the suppressed Goddess who refuses to disappear. If she's not venerated, then she will be feared.
Spirit of darkness and night, Lilith is both angel and demoness of conception. Blamed for miscarriage, crib death and infertility, Lilith the baby killer also bestows fertility when and if she chooses. She has dominion over sexual desire, erotic dreams and sacred sex magic. Emphasizing the ambiguity of her personality, Lilith herself has revealed the tools that will guard against her:
~Rue and Iron ward her off
~Lilith has vowed not to cause harm wherever she sees her name posted
~The simplest amulet to prevent Lilith from causing harm involves casting a charcoal circle on the wall. Within write "Adam and Eve. Out Lilith!"
~The seal of solomon protects against Lilith and diseases or harm that she causes. For maximum effectiveness, it should be made of iron or fine silver.
Lilith despises sanctimonious people and punishes the prudish. She enjoys ensnaring hypocrites but is a protective guardian spirit towards those she perceives as her children, especially her daughters. Lilith is immensely powerful, potentially vicious and will fearlessly eliminate any evil threatening those whom she guards.
Her name is synonymous with "witch". She is frequently depicted as a vampire of succubus.
Lilith possesses many forms, appearing as an old crone or beautiful young woman. She may appear as a woman from head to waist with flames underneath. Lilith dresses in crimson. She wears forty ornaments less one. Her hair may be black or red but it will be distinctive, either because it is beautiful or because it is disheveled or both.
She manifests in animal form to, typically as a large black cat, black dog, or owl. Even when in human form Lilith may display birds feet, claws or wings.
A flaming sword; Lilith's myth contains mysterious references to hands:
In Sumeria, Lilith is the Hand of Inanna.
In the Kabbalah, Lilith is known as the Handmaid.
 Decorate her altar with images of hands, especially the hand shaped amulet called hamsa.
Black and Red
The moon is Lilith's lantern, her power increases with the waning moon.
Algol, known in traditional Jewish astrology as "Lilith's Star".
Lilith has associations with air, water, earth and fire. Hebrew myth has her created from the Earth. In Sumeria she began her incantation as a Wind Spirit. She manifests as fire. The Zohar, holy book of the Kabbalists, explains that Lilith is nourished by water while the south wind spreads her influence. Lilith is as frequently found living in wells as she is in trees.
Lilith loves all wild animals but has a special affinity for jackals, hyenas, wild cats, black cats, black dogs, ostriches, snakes, dragons, spiders and unicorns.
The owl is her sacred bird and messenger.
Lilith rides a dragon in which form she may also manifest.
Lilith rules solstices and equinoxes and is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio.
Lilith is happiest in desolate wilderness, far removed from civilization. She loves forests, crossroads, seacoasts and especially the dessert.
Frankincense, plates of jam, tea, doll babies and images of the animals she loves. Offerings may be placed on an altar or outside.

Isnt Lilith amazing? I hope I have piqued your curiosity and you will do your own reading on Lilith. The information here only touches on the story and beliefs of Lilith. There is so much more out there.
I hope you have enjoyed your read on my Spirit Blog. Feel free to leave comments, I love reading them.
Bright Blessings,
Information regarding Lilith was taken from the Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes. I highly recommend this book, it is a must have for anyone interested in spirits or spirit contact.


  1. Love your comments on Lilith, i had thought of her as a hebrew demoness and nothing more. You cast a lot of light on the topic and fleshed out my views on her a lot. Thanks for the wisdom.